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Drink Safe Technologies was once again featured on the Today Show, and the product demonstration being done by the Safety Chick.

The coasters were featured on how they can be used while on Spring Break. Drink Safe Technologies has now been featured on the Today Show three times, and each time it seems to be a bigger hit than the last.

Although the coasters and strip test kits are used for people on Spring Break, it’s for anyone that is going to clubs, bars or any type of social gatherings. We hope you enjoy the segment. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions in the comment section below. Very exciting times for Drink Safe Technologies.

Drink Safe Technologies has made a positive name for several years, but none like what has happened in the past two years.

This Dallas Fort Worth video is another example of the word that is spreading about Drink Safe Technologies. There are now more bars than ever that are wanting to be Drink Safe Tech certified, which means having a location that is taking responsibility. The Drink Safe Tech coasters detect substances such as GHB and Ketamine, which are two of the most popular date rape drugs.

The coasters are easy to use and are distributed at bars all over the country. The customer can place a drop of the drink on the dot, and it will change color if the drink has been spiked with these foreign substances. It’s becoming popular now that bars and clubs are displaying the Drink Safe Tech signs, informing patrons of the fact that they have the Drink Safe Tech Coasters.

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Featured in the Tampa Bay Times article, the story talks about the “Below Deck” star Adrienne Gang, and how her drink was spiked… and then what happened to Adrian that memorable night.

Adrienne Gang, using her new found celebrity to promote our product, Drink Save Technology coasters.

Her crusade has been to let patrons know about the product, and use to test whether the drinks have been spiked with a drug.

Also in this article, Drink Safe Technology’s President, Lance Norris, explains how this inexpensive way really is your first line of defense for protection against date rape and drink spiking. Lance talks about how it’s a screening device.

Also in the article, Adrienne Gang talks about how the Drink Safe Technology coasters adds just another layer of protection. This is a very interesting article that’s got a lot of press and if you want to check the article out, go to this link.